Yom Rivii, 8 Shevat 5778

Priceless Auction Up date : Ken Steinman  ksteinman@comcast.net

Coming: February 24, 2018

In the November bulletin you read about the event we’re holding in February, our Priceless Auction.
I’m sure you have some questions so here is our plan.
We’re asking congregation members to donate events or experiences that they can share with others.
Her e are some examples:

o Meals

 A food specialty, Mexican, Indian, etc. for a certain number of people - you would host the event at your home

 Wine Tasting for a certain number of people - you would host at your home

o Gift Certificates

 Movies

 Theater

 Getaways

 Perhaps you have a cabin or a timeshare you can share

o Classes/Lessons you can teach

 Cooking

 Sewing

 Scrapbooking

o A guided hike or tour

These are just examples, please be creative! The costs you incur can be treated as a donation - in - kind to the temple.
We will auction them all off at the event on February 24th.
The expectation would be that the event or lesson would have to be redeemed within one year.

The Auction will be February 24th, 2018 at Bet Chaverim.

If you are interested in providing something for our auction, please respond to



Upcoming Events at Bet Chaverim

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Priceless Auction
03.02.2018 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm
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