committee minutes

Outreach committee

In attendance: Peter, Melissa, Rick, Michael, Robin, Carmi

Advertising/Publicity for High Holidays:  Peter reported that he checked with Sound Publishing.  The cost of putting two 4.8 X 2.7 ad in the Sound Publishing publications would be $1,100.70.  Peter is going to look into the cost of putting a larger ad in just the Seattle Weekly and will e-mail the committee about this.

Peter will revise the flyer and e-mail it to us.  Melissa will send it out to the listserve.

Michael will put up the flyer in 8 to 10 places including Wild Wheat and the Auburn Russian deli.

Melissa will place an ad in the Highline Times – 2 X 3  $58.50 for 1 week.  She will also place an ad in the Highline Community College student paper — $20.

Social Events:  We will have an outing to Wolfhaven on Oct. 16th.  We will first meet at a café in Tenino for lunch.  We can arrange for carpooling from the synagogue.

Nov. 13th 6 P.M. potluck and Eating your Way Through Jewish Italy slideshow presented by Michael.

December 30th Hanukkah party, time ? – this is a change from what we discussed.  Rabbi Emily thinks that it should be during Hanukkah.

Rick will look into the Seattle Aquarium, Michael will look into Roller Derby and Robin will look into Woodland Park.


  • In the “Our Rabbi” section we need a bio from Rabbi Emily and a picture.
  • On the “Worship” page we could get members comments on how they came to Bet Chaverim.
  • Melissa needs to write something for the “Presidents message” section.
  • Can we put a counter on the website?
  • Can we add “Survey Monkey” to our website?
  • Carmi will meet with Michael on 9/13 to share ideas about website

Fundraising: Do a fundraising event for a new sukkah


  • Noa Gutter/Director of Engagement Jewish Federation of Seattle will call Melissa next week to share ideas about synagogue growth.
  • Sukkah building on Yom Kippur during the break.
  • Melissa will renew Meetup subscription
  • For next meeting Robin will come with ideas on how to attract younger members.

Next Meeting: Oct. 6th – 7 P.M.  Starbucks.  Melissa will look into the Woodmont library meeting room.

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