Donor’s Corner

DonorsCorner: PeterSmith,,Treasurer

Our Congregation is a poor one, as congregations go. Yet, through the perseverance of many selfless volunteers and contributors we have a full and vibrant religious fellowship. In order to support our full-featured program and to promote growth, the Board approved a budget for this fiscal year that spends about $10,000 more than we expect to take in. The difference comes from our savings, which we have put aside over the years to support our goals for the future. We have already withdrawn $4,000 from our savings and expect to draw down the balance of the $10,000 by the end of the fiscal year on June 30, 2014. We are growing, but slowly, and our deficit spending is not a sustainable situation. Almost all of our financial revenue comes from our members through dues payments and other donations. I would like to ask all of us to re-assess the level of financial contribution that we can afford, and to donate as generously as we can. Through our efforts, Bet Chaverim can continue to lead the growth of Reform Judaism in South King County throughout the 21st century. Checks can be sent to Treasurer, Bet Chaverim, Box 562, 1911 SW Campus Drive, Federal Way, WA 98023-6473.

Peter Smith 

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