Bet Chaverim Board Meeting Agenda – Date:

  • Melissa Brooks
  • Archie Levine
  • Judy Schainen
  • Jack Kornberg
  • Peter Smith
  • Rick Siegler
  • Ken Steinman
  • Do we want to continue to meet on the 2nd Wednesday of month?
  • Review minutes from General meeting and from June 8th.
  • Goals for upcoming year
  • How are we going to use the $1,100 from the grant for some kind of a big program?
  • Filling in vacant board positions
  • Committees – volunteer survey results
  • Committee discussion items:
  • Religious committee – HH guest rate, do we charge for HH for some of the member levels?
  • Outreach/Membership committee – new membership application, verifying our current membership list, possible way to attract families with children by forming a collaboration with another synagogue so that any of our youth can attend their religious school and youth group.
  • Finance committee – per suggestion at general meeting, putting something in bulletin or billing statement about our deficit and everybody stepping up a little bit more.  How to get members to turn in their dues pledge forms?
  • Adult Ed – Brian Cohen agreeing to teach Adult Hebrew.
  • Fundraising –
  • Sisterhood:
  • Anything that needs to happen for the audit?
  • Follow up with insurance – liability coverage (Ken)
  • Google street view (Peter)
  • Other?



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