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Around the Neighborhood  Brenda La Point

Judith Schainen – Judith keeps herself busy since she retired five years ago. 
She volunteers with Wolf Haven, Seattle Art Museum and Jewish Family Services.
  She is also involved with Cascade Symphony Orchestra.  She volunteers as the secretary of the friends of the Cascade Symphony Orchestra. 
Judith is also Bet Chaverim’s secretary. Judith has a quote she likes to live by: Have something to do, have something to love and have something to hope for. 
She also believed that when she retired that it was important to have structure with her time. She definitely keeps herself busy. 
Once a month Judith also attends a breakfast club where she and other folks that she worked with, including doctors,
PA’s and pharmacists get together and share what is going on with their lives.    

Grechen Schmidt – Grechen will be traveling to Kellogg, Idaho in August to present an EPA award to a family whose agricultural land was turned into a monitored wetland for bird migration. 
The area had been contaminated by years of mining activities.
Millions of birds would land on contaminated ponds, streams and wetland where they ingested toxic levels of lead, cadmium and zinc, resulting in their deaths.
  Last year, over 22,000 thousand tundra swans were safely resting in this new wetland.  The award is called the EPA Region 10 Howard Orlean Excellence in Site Reuse Award.
  It is given to a developer, site owner, responsible party or other key stakeholders who have exhibited dedication to safely and productively reusing contaminated areas while keeping them protected,
for both the public and the environment.  The award was originally inspired by Howard’s restoration work at Little Squalicum Creek Park in Bellingham, Washington and he was the first award recipient in 2011.
  This is only the second time the award is being given. 
  Here’s a link to a youTube video on the project receiving the award:

Marie-Anne Harkness – Marie-Anne Harkness travelled to Savannah to visit her sister Michele and meet up with her cousin Sylviane who lives in Marseille.
  The old city was filled with charm and history.  We started in the old cemetery near Michele’s house Bonaventure that contained large Jewish sections.
  Saturday morning Marie-Anne attended services at the Reform synagogue Congregation Mickve Israel, founded by Sephardic immigrants in 1733.
  The people were delightfully welcoming like our own Bet Chaverim.
  They even invited her to stay for lunch.
  She returned on Monday for a tour and visited their fascinating museum filled with historical displays about the Savannah community’s role in American history.   



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