Treasurers Report

From Our Treasurer: Peter Smith

I hope you and your family had a happy and fulfilling Thanksgiving, a secular holiday which to me nevertheless carries a spiritual message
of thankfulness to the Most High for family, food and many other blessings.
On behalf of Bet Chaverim, I would like to thank the donors whose contributions have been recorded since my last report.
These are:
Sherwin and Robyn Alpert, for Adult Education
Nancy Blase and Chuck Goldstein, Yahrzeit for Chuck’s mother

Despite the generosity of many members, our budget continues to develop a gap. During the November Board meeting,
I told the Board that as of the end of the fiscal year, and if nothing changes compared to last year, we will have spent about $5,000 more than we take in.
The Board has discussed holding a January meeting of the Congregation, when we will discuss both fund-raising and belt-tightening measures. Members in good standing will be eligible to vote.
That said there is cause for optimism. We have formally installed and celebrated Rabbi Emily Meyer as OUR Rabbi.
A new member has joined and another has applied, as of this writing. Our services with Rabbi Emily and Neil honor and enrich our Shabbat experience.
Through the efforts of our volunteers, we continue to offer a rich and uplifting Jewish program. I look forward to participating in our Temple life throughout the fiscal year,
and to doing my part to create a bright future for it.

Previous article:

On behalf of Bet Chaverim, I would like to thank the many donors of amounts large and small who have contributed to the Temple since my last report.  These are:

Donating prayer books:

Ken and Rhonda Steinman             Marie-Anne Harkness

Carole Lym                                      Deborah Appel

Memorial and Yahrzeit donors:

Nancy Blase (2 donations)              Stanley & Marian Sofferin

Mark Senk                                       Susan Gillespie

Sherwin and Robyn Alpert              Judith Schainen

High Holidays donors:

Mark Senk                                       David Malametz

Bea Eisenberg                                Jay Silverman

Barbara Sher                                   Michael & Laurel Reiter

Roselyn Blaker & Roberta Fritcher  Louis & Laurie Weisman

Judith Schainen                               Robin Murphy-Banks & Michael Banks

Donors recognizing Neil Weinstein’s music:

Merilee Gardner                              Jan Levy

The Sisterhood made a generous donation to the Temple.

Gerald & Sydell Bergtrom donated, in appreciation of Grechen Schmidt’s and Howard Orlean’s friendship

As the fiscal year progresses, I am starting to get a view of our actual finances, versus our budget.
  The dollar amounts of our dues and especially donations (despite the generosity of those listed above and those who gave previously)
are lower than last year’s, and lower than our budget by an even greater margin.  This is because we budgeted for even more donations than we received last year. 
At this time, the numbers suggest that we will incur a deficit of about $10,000. 
The Board has discussed applying for grant funding, but this possibility is by no means certain.
  If we do incur a large deficit, it will need to be covered by our savings. 
If we do not receive dues and donations at a significantly greater rate during the rest of the fiscal year,
we may be facing a decision to operate in a very different way as a synagogue, in order to live within our means.


Respectfully submitted, Peter Smith


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