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Bet Chaverim Board Meeting – 3/11/2020

In Attendance: Sherwin Alpert, Rabbi Mirel, Donna Mullins, Michael Banks, Judy Schainen, Melissa Brooks

Five Minutes of Torah Ki Tisa – sometimes you just have to accept things on faith.  Haftarah – Ezkiel – we will pull together and do what we can to bring the community back to life in the wake of the corona virus.

February Minutes – the February board minutes were approved.

Rabbi Report The rabbi stated that we have had a great year so far.

Passover Community Seder – we voted and decided to cancel the community seder on April 9th due to the Corona virus.  If members are having a first night seder and they have room for a few more guests they should let Michael know so that we can connect people who want to attend a first night seder.

High Holidays – Neil will not be our cantorial soloist this year – he has another obligation.  The rabbi suggested that we have a committee to decide what to do about the HH music.  The rabbi mentioned several options including: using lay people; hiring retired cantor Andrew Barnard; hiring Julie and Chava.   We all agreed that we should see if our previous piano accompanist (Amy) is available.  Michael will email Neil to get Amy’s contact information.

Music concert – The music concert that was scheduled for May 9th will be postponed until October 17th.  We will advertise the concert with posters sent to all of the congregations.  Michael will let CJ know that we no longer need the church on May 9th.

Climate Speaker – Heather Price will not be presenting on March 21st.  Heather proposed alternative dates of April 25th and May 30th.  Since those don’t work for our calendar, Donna will check with Heather about her availability in June, July or August.

Security – Rabbi Mirel suggested that when we are advertising events that we don’t advertise our address.  Sherwin stated that we are still applying for the FEMA grant.

Introduction to the Jewish Experience class – Michael suggested that we purchase the book The Ten Best Ideas of Judaism by Arthur Green for the class participants. We will let the church know about the class.  Melissa will call some members who might be interested in attending.  

Shabbat Service – at this point we will go ahead with Shabbat services.  We will look into the availability of video streaming the services.

Calendar –

The Shavuot learning session is on May 30th.  Rabbi Mirel won’t be here on that date.

We will eliminate the Friday night service on September 25th.  We will wait to decide on whether we will have a service on November 27th or December 25th.

We will have a wine tasting fundraiser in July or August at Wines and More.

We will have a group outing to a Tacoma Rainiers baseball game in August.

Our next board meeting is April 22nd.

At our May board meeting we will plan next year’s budget.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:40 P.M.

Respectfully submitted:  Melissa Brooks/Bet Chaverim Secretary

2016 congregational meeting minutes(link)

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