About our President

Our President

I started my term in July 2016 having been on the board and involved with numerous
Bet Chaverim activities for a long time. 

My husband, Carmi and I were founding members of the congregation in 1989.
 We were part of a chaverah at Temple Beth El in Tacoma

  – all of our chaverah members lived in South King county.
 One of the members, Roy Golub, had started previous congregations

and asked if we were interested in helping to start a new congregation in South King county.  

Since 1989, Bet Chaverim has had 15 board presidents who have each brought unique skills and talents.  

My contribution as board president is my passion for the congregation.
 We have made many good synagogue friends over the past 27 years.
 I would like to see the congregation grow, particularly with young families.
 At one point our congregation had over 100 members and a thriving religious school.
 I would like to see us get back to that point.

If you have never been to any of our events, please come check us out.

Melissa Brooks


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