Bet Chaverim Passover Zoom Seder

You are invited to the Bet Chaverim Community Seder led by Rabbi Mirel.  We will be joined by the Saltwater Church congregation.

When: Sunday, March 28th

Time: 6 P.M.

No pre-registration is required, there is no cost but donations are gladly accepted.  Here is a link to our webpage for making donations:

If you have questions, please

We will be using a haggadah that will be shown on the screen.  If you are interested in reading a part, please email Joseph Wilder:

Go to BC Newsletter for Zoom information:

Here is what you will need for your Seder plate:  We will be discussing the significance of these items during the Seder.

  • Matzah – Three matzot are placed in the center of the Seder plate
  • Roasted Bone – Usually a shank bone, sometimes a chicken neck; vegetarians may substitute a roasted beet
  • Roasted Hard Boiled Egg
  • Charoset – A mixture of ground apples and nuts, cinnamon, red wine or juice
  • Maror – Horseradish
  • Karpas – A leafy green vegetable like parsley
  • Salt Water – The Karpas is dipped in the salt water
  • Wine or Grape Juice – We bless 4 cups of wine during the Seder
  • Miriam’s Cup – A separate cup of water
  • Elijah’s Cup – A separate cup of wine
  • Orange

Hope you can join is a HAGGADAH:>PDF Haggadah from Jewish Federation

Passover 2019 was on the evening of Friday,
April 19 and ended in the evening of Saturday, April 27


We had a great 2018 Seder at Bet Chaverim.


order of seder


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