Board of Bet Chaverim

Board Election June 2021

We have three member at large positions open.
  Judy asked for the approval of the nominations of Mark Senk, Brian Sandler,
Eytan Olivier, and Donna Mullins to fill these positions.  There was a vote and the slate was approved.

Our current board consists of:

Judy Schainen/President – 1 year

/Vice President – 1 year

Melissa Brooks/Recording Secretary – 1 year

Judy Schainen/Corresponding Secretary – 1 year

David Kaplan/Treasurer – 1 year

Michael Banks/Past President – 1 year

Chris Bogart/Member At Large – 1 year

June Kallman/Member At Large – 1 year

Mark Senk/Member At Large – 2 years

Eytan Olivier/Member At Large – 2 years

Brian Sandler/Member At Large – 2 year

  • Rabbi James Mirel

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