Our Shabbat worship services reflect a joyous, uplifting approach to prayer and spirituality.
We plan on the first and Third Friday night of the month, and the 2nd Saturday for Torah service, study and potluck.
Our Rabbi is often accompanied by contorial guitar, Neil W. or his son Noah.

Everyone in the community — member or visitor — is welcome to join us for Shabbat services at any time.

Since lay participation is an important part of our worship at Bet Chaverim,
members are invited to participate in services by reciting candle blessings,
reading prayers, and serving as Oneg Shabbat hosts.
These opportunities for participation are not only an honor but offer members a chance to get to know other congregants.

Though there is no specific “dress code” at Bet Chaverim, dress in the sanctuary should be appropriate for a religious activity.

When most people think of holidays, they think of annual celebrations, but in Judaism there is one holiday that occurs every week – the Sabbath. Known in Hebrew as Shabbat and in Yiddish as Shabbos, this holiday is central to Jewish Life. As the great Jewish writer, Adad Ha-Am has observed: “More than the Jewish people has kept the Sabbath, the Sabbath has kept the Jewish people.” The Sabbath truly has been a unifying force for Jews the world over.

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