What exactly is this baby naming ceremony called?

There’s no easy answer to this one! The good news is that you’re spoiled with choice: there are lots of different names for a baby naming ceremony. Most of the names for these ceremonies are gendered and some are denominational.


Brit bat — Brit bat means a “covenant of the daughter” in Hebrew.
Simchat bat — Simchat bat means “joy of the daughter” in Hebrew, it’s usually used in Ashkenazi communities for a girl’s naming ceremony.
Zeved Habat — Zeved Habat means “gift of the daughter.” It’s a Sephardic baby naming ritual that is usually held in a synagogue within the first month of life.


Brit ben — Brit ben means a “covenant of the son” in Hebrew.


Brit shalom — Brit shalom means a “covenant of peace” in Hebrew.
Brit chayim — Brit chayim means a “covenant of life” in Hebrew.
Brit tikkun — Brit tikkum means a “covenant of reparation” in Hebrew.

But you can also just call it a baby naming ceremony. It’s simple and clear!